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I went through my bank statement and saw Travel Bug and the number given was for Bio Extenze. There is no way i can track what number this "Travel Bug" goes to. I didn't authorize anything to this company and they have been taking 8.95 out of my bank account every 3 weeks and they keep doing it. I found the number and canceled whatever it was that they did with my bank account to refund my money; still nothing returned to my account as of today they took out another 8.95 within a week.

I am very Angry!!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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we just has a call, don't recall the name of the company but it was for accomodation at Mainsail Caloundra.

They wanted a $99 deposit and then it would be $250 for 4 people for two nights.

My husband nearly fell for it! they were so convincing and sounded Australian.

I had this vague recollection of a holiday scam so told him to hang up. Thank you for this website. It is sad to see that these people are still at work and have not been caught yet. I can only kick myself for not getting their details and reporting them with the ombudsman or ACCC


Travel bug is definitely a scam. I can't believe i fell for their sales person.

I thought i would be saving money with a $199 voucher to Caloundra only to find the Caloundra accommodation had closed down and the rest of their places were rubbish and the vouchers save you nothing.

I wish there was a way i could get my money back, i have rung and the sales people are very rude and just keep refering me to their website, no help at a loss. Has anyone hasd success getting money back?



Travelbug is jus a load of rubbish. They tricked us into buying this $79.00 package.

We thought we were buying one package but they charged us for two packages. We are not sure if we ever will use any of those vouchers simply because the vouchers literally do not save anything at all.

This is all a big scam. I am going to consumer court.


BTW, the only way these people could possibly get good comments is if they are doing it themselves. So what happens is , the sales reps, go onto these websites and write good comments.

THEY ARE ARE BIG BIG SCAM. so not go with them. they are absolutely a load of rubbish. I called so many times to cancel and they kept trying to convince me not to.

the last deal that was made was that i would call them if i didnt want to cancel. when i called they said that it was too late and the girl that I was dealing with turned into a monster.

Who cares about customer sevice when you have their money. BTW these people dont even understand their own products.


Hmmm... I can't decide whether to believe the good reviews or not?? It's interesting that they all use the words 'guys' and 'gud' keep uo the 'gud' work 'guys'...


Travel Bug Holidays is a SCAM. Their offers are more expensive than when you book individually from sites like

+ Travel Bug holidays literally steals 200 bucks off you for their "money-saving-deal" when providing no deal at all. For example, on their site they have a deal 2-for-1, where you pay for 1 night in a hotel and stay for 2.

But the price for the first night is the double of what you'd pay on (= there's no free night.) They also have a deal "Pay for food, stay for free" but they don't tell you that you have to pay a certain amount (usually over 100 AUD) for your meal at all them hotels. All this means that: 1) you don't save a cent when staying in the hotels on their list

2) you pay Travel bug holidays 200 dollars for calling you.


thnaks for this page, i gwas contected by them but i refuse to fell for the scam.

Thaks Google and pissed consumers comments, plz keep writing.


Travelbug stinks, just been on hold for more than 20 minutes to complain to their manager and have been cut off before speaking with him. I'm on hold again while typing this.

NOT HAPPY!!! Please do not join, save your money and your strength!!!


Travel bug holidays are a scam, I'm so sorry I believed them and fell for it.Total waste of money!!! It is cheaper to book direct with the hotels. It is also almost impossible to speak to their staff too, incredibly frustrating.


Hey guys i got the same package last week

which is fantastic,deals are excellent.

Keep rocking guys...


hey guys.....

I bought same package 3days before after that only am reading this commends, I thought i made a big mistake....

I got the package today then i realized that this comment website doing Scam...

Dear Travel bug holiday

You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work......Thank You


Guys(Travel bug Holidays) your realy doing a good job because i got this package last year but now only got a chance to use it. realy your accomadation is fantastic keep it up guys.........


Hi to every one this is Margaret and iam residing in queensland and one day i just got a call from a company called travel bug holidays from north sydney and that guy Davidson he just sold me a holiday package for $199 and its realy a good deal where i save lots and lots of money towards my accomodation at the same time they take care of the bookings as well what i did is just inform them when i want to go so they did the bookings and gave me the booking referance number i just went to the property i just gave the referance number to them thats it i just enjoyed with my family the all i would like to tell is

Thank you

gud job guys...........


hey wat ......... let u know one thing i got the same offer from an indian telemarketer(JOSH) ........ was really a gud value for money for people who stay in star hotels like me ......keep up the gud work travelbug.......


I got a call from travelbugholidays and it saved my hard n money that indian guy (David) spoked to me explained very well and i used it got benifited even many people are taken advantage of these travel vouchers its not a scam..........people should understand the deal what they are offering....


do not trust indians calling you to buy anything over the phone, this isn't the first time a scam like this is happening, I just want to know if there is a way we can complain about them and see them behind bars, they're making money from cheating innocent people, it is the same as a robbery, these people need to be punished. :(




:cry :cry :? :? :upset :eek :( :x

Travel Bug is a scam holiday company


:cry :cry :? :? :upset :eek :( :x

Travel Bug is a scam holiday company


Every *** who s not able to think of his own and who is idiotic would refer to life hacker website.. because he does not have sense to make is own decision..

wat iff life hackers s a scam.. then wat ever u did will be all bolls… just because ppl want too comment they comment.. only jobless ppl do that ….. and ppl who are not able to afford to use the deals we provide will comment..

because they are so dumb and get so excited before telling wat the offer is.. all are human beigns … tell one person who has not made a mistake.. even f there is a site to comment about personal comments .. then we will know everyones true colours..

this msg s 4 idiots.. who jst waN TO WATSE TIME SPOILING SOME BODY ELSE S NAME.. ..


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